Services & Products

LIM Rail Modules

To supply labour, equipments, and materials for the fabrication and assembly of the LIM Rail modules, consist of Laminated modules and Back Iron modules. Final assembly of the fasteners, retainers, fabric, and aluminium top cap. Process to manufacture LIM (Linear Induction Motor) Rail.

Chimney and Power Products

Project Management Services for Design, Construction, Completion, Commissioning and Maintenance of Chimney Stack Power Plant.
Project Management Services for Construction, Completion and Commissioning Silo for Power Plant.

You can download our project report here.

Antenna Relocation

We are methodological with our approach. Antennas performance is guaranteed to improve.

We value quality control in our projects. Test was carried out using several frequencies requirement such as transmit and receive gain test, pattern cut test, polarization discrimination test and G/T test. During relocation, panels are removed and carefully packed using our excellent packing method to ensure all are in great condition.

You can download our project report here.

Electric Bus (EV) Project at Putrajaya

From the initial stage of implementing this project and till completion, we worked closely with Toshiba for timely completion of civil, mechanical and electrical work and other related works. Specialist works done by Toshiba and its partners.